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Dragon’s Loot Feature Slots

One of Microgaming’s latest reveals as part of their monthly release on the Viper platform is a Feature Video Slot slot called Dragon’s Loot . This game offers its players many different special features for the chance to win extra money. The reason this type of game is so sought after is because it gives players a chance to win more than they would with an ‘original’ or ‘classic’ single line slot machine. Since the game is multi-lined, the bets can be more. However, most players agree the winnings are worth the wager.

Dragon’s Loot Video Slot has five reels and twenty-five pay lines. If all of the pay lines are activated, there are many chances to come up with just the right winning combination. Anything from one cent all the way up to twenty cents can be used to activate each pay line. Twenty cents per line may not sound like a lot of money. But if the maximum number of coins is bet and all of the pay lines are activated, then the overall maximum bet for the game is 500 coins, or $100, which could be a small or very large wager, depending on your bankroll.

Dragon’s Loot Video Slot offers several features, including a ‘Wild’ symbol, a ‘Scatter’ symbol, a ‘Bonus Feature’, ‘Free Spins’ and ‘Multipliers’.

The wild symbol in this game is a predetermined symbol that if it lands anywhere on the reels it will replace any symbol on the board to complete a winning combination except for some of the feature symbols.

The scatter symbol in Dragon’s Loot is the way to more winnings, thus triggering other features of the game. For instance, if there are three or more ‘Dragon’ symbols on any reel, this will trigger the Dragon’s Loot bonus feature. In this game, the player picks a treasure from the Dragon’s Lair, which can contain up to 75 Free Spins with eight times multiplication of the wins during these free spins.

Dragon’s Loot Video Slot has a huge overall jackpot, During normal play, the maximum payout is 100,000 coins. However, this changes in the free spins feature, where the overall win can be up to 800,000 coins. As with all of Microgaming games, Dragon’s Loot is available in US Dollars, Pounds and Euros.